Dave Winer comments on the growth of podcasting and the potential ‘googlisation’ of the new delivery of content.

I am not so sure they should dismiss Apple so readily. I know Adam Curry can produce for audiences but I think Apple has a much bigger plan/strategy.  If I knew what it was, I would be a wealthy man….

Dave says:

A picture named cellSpeaking of the online music biz, here’s why Kleiner-Perkins invested in Podshow. First, a caveat, this is just tea-leave-reading and wild speculation. OK, as reported here in June, Google has an iTunes clone in the works. Probably works great with cell phones, unlike iTunes itself which works great with iPods (of course). KP has the inside track because they have a Google board seat, and Doerr is architecting the whole thing anyway. Enter Podshow, which gets a sweet deal with Google to provide the first apps and content for their iTunes me-too, all the while in bed with Uncle Steve on iTunes. Instant mini-bubble, Podshow goes public, Adam and Ron retire to Miami, and KP pockets the profits.

Source: Scripting News


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