This personal site is home to lots of material that has really only one thing in common; my interests and thoughts over time.

The WalkingEarth ManIt is a collection of many things that date back to around some early on-line writings from 1988 and is an ongoing piece of work, some finished, some yet to be finished, some, never to be finished…..

It is a site that will allow me to collect and organise my thoughts on a range of issues and publish some of those thoughts. Some of this will help my clients, colleagues and partners, some of this will be of interest to my family and some will benefit me, simply by allowing time to reflect…

Nothing more, or less, than that.

Ultimately, all art, thoughts and ideas need to be published, even if the only audience is one’s self. It simply makes the art, thought or idea better.

An idea needs to ship…

I often don’t know what I think until I have had a chance to read what I say… I think many writers will understand that, hence, this blog.

It is also a current record of my work as an independent consultant and contractor. That activity can be found at WhaleSongServices. A more detailed outline or resume of my work over the years can be found here.

Parts of the site have been created simply to store links to work that was lost in the 2009 Victorian Bushfires.  This was an event that my family and I will never forget. It may be a cliche’ but the maxim, “what does not kill you, makes you stronger” is something I genuinely believe and understand from first-hand experience.

Loosing life’s “stuff” can be traumatic, but ultimately trivial; loosing a life, profound.

Sadly, I have worked with and know a number that were not given a choice.

Thankfully, my family and I can busy ourselves with the challenges and adventures that recovery from such an event presents.

The intersection of education, art and technology interest me. Improving the human condition by using the collaborative powers of technology is something that drives my interest in many fields of human endeavour.

Equity, social progress and the evolution of our species are perhaps considered by some to be contradictory, I disagree.

Thanks for visiting.


Bill Coppinger