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A small milestone. As the sun rose this morning, our household solar power system generated its Thirtieth MegaWatt since being installed just on four years ago. The irony is not lost on me, watching my energy consumption fall, but a power bill rise... This also comes at a time when the Australia Institute [ @TheAusInstitute ] has released a report Electricity Costs, which finds…

Yes, think about this for a moment. N. E. G. A. T. I. V. E. spot-price for electricity. Policy, expenditure, loan-term investment; all predicated on an underlying assumption of markets. Beware the paradigm shift...The impossible just happened in Texas http://t.co/lBxA5q4cyK #strandedassets— Bill (@billcoppinger) September 20, 2015LinksUtility Dive - ERCOT prices in to negativeERCOTOriginal Article - Slate.comBusiness Insider


The Federal Minister for Industry & Science, the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP and Carnegie CEO, Dr Michael Ottaviano switched on the world’s first grid connected wave energy array power plant today, February 19th. The world’s first grid-connected wave energy array is now pumping enough electricity to power between 1,500 to 2,000 households in Western Australia. At the moment, the Department of Defence…

Mapdwell's web-based Solar System platform helps users design at-home solar energy systems: it visualizes the costs and benefits of installing a solar roof by layering information about tax credits and carbon emissions savings onto a topographical map of local roofs, and helps determine the most efficient spots for panels. Links Mapdwell

Designed for Urban Mobility http://youtu.be/1tfYN3lKheo Links: Clean Technica

An interesting innovation and visualisation from the APVI. The Institute comprises companies, agencies, individuals and academics with an interest in solar energy research, technology, manufacturing, systems, policies, programs and projects. The Australian Photovoltaic Institute [APVI] undertakes a range of technical, economic and social research projects on issues relevant to PV. They work with a range of other organisations and all members…

According to an article on thinkprogress.org ... The price of solar photovoltaic cells has dropped 99% in the past quarter century. So in an increasing number of markets around the country [USA], solar is at or very close to grid parity.