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A small milestone. As the sun rose this morning, our household solar power system generated its Thirtieth MegaWatt since being installed just on four years ago.

The irony is not lost on me, watching my energy consumption fall, but a power bill rise…

This also comes at a time when the Australia Institute [ @TheAusInstitute ] has released a report Electricity Costs, which finds that electricity prices have increased at three times the rate of CPI.

The report finds that companies have been ‘gold-plating’ financial assets and passing those costs onto consumers.

Electricity vs CPI
[ Source: The Australia Institute: Electricity Costs Pge 5.]
The report goes on to state:

Too often we assume that private and corporatised state-owned corporations are operating efficiently. In the real world such as in the Australian economy where the checks and balances are imperfect and companies exercise considerable power…

We think there is ample evidence of inefficiency when we examine the labour force and the asset base of the companies involved in supplying electricity.


Electricity Staff
[Source: TAI Report Electricity Costs: Page 8 ]
In summary, the report suggests:

The examination of electricity costs and price setting suggest that Australians are paying much more than they should be if their regulators were guided by considerations of the most efficient delivery of electricity.





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