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I doubt we will get to choose 1.5…

An excellent public lecture today in Lab-14 co-hosted by the Australian-German Climate and Energy College, the Climate Institute and the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. Thank goodness for the University of Melbourne!

In this talk Dr Tabea Lissner (Climate Analytics) and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research presented regionally differentiated analysis on impact shifts between levels of warming for a range of impact indicators. Climate Analytics’ study shows a discernible differences between the two warming levels [1.5 or 2 degrees]  on the regional level and its results indicate that tropical regions will bear the brunt of impacts.

Dr. Lissner
[Dr. Tabea Lissner – Aug 3 2016 ]
There is simply no greater public policy challenge. I may have said that already here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here and here as well as here.  Oh and here.

The outstanding “temperature spiral” originally created by @ed_hawkins has gained an additional “carbon budget” spiral.  The visualisation is compelling.

You can see the animated climate spirals here –



Temperature Extremes

Consider, in fifty years, 9+ Billion people will have to cope with 2 degree increase?

Temperature Extremes
[ Source: Dr. Tabea Lissner Climate & Energy College – University of Melbourne ]

IPCC Reasons for Concern

IPCC Reasons for Concern
[ Source: Dr. Tabea Lissner Climate & Energy College – University of Melbourne ]


The slides from Dr. Lissner’s presentation can be found here. Outstanding.







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