The Future Called

In Energy Research & Social ScienceJohn Wiseman  from the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute provides a visit from the future. From the abstract:

Looking back from 2050, this article is written in the form of a fictional speech reflecting on the impressive progress made by 2050 towards achieving the global goal of zero net emissions. The speaker also highlights the severe and ongoing ecological damage and human suffering caused by the failure to reduce emissions with sufficient urgency in the first quarter of the 21st Century – and the ongoing challenge of implementing the actions required to bring global temperatures back below 1.5 degrees.

The full article is:  The great energy transition of the 21st century: The 2050 Zero-Carbon World Oration

UN: Interactive Map of Pre-2020 Global Ambitions

UN Interactive Map
[ Source: UN – Pre-2020 action by countries – Click to see map]




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