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Even if I do say so myself! August 5th 2004 - A Senator Obama addresses the Democratic Convention... I suggested he would be the next Democratic President! Here [2004] and here [2009]

Fuel for Thought

On July 11 2008, I referenced the CSIRO, Australia's leading scientific and industrial reasearch organisation, which had just published its "Fuel for Thought" paper which was a direct result of the November 2007 'Future Fuels Forum". I also referenced a as speech by John Hofmeister, then President of Shell Oil, USA, speaking about Shell's position on energy conservation and Global…

The Sun

Yeah, this... Links Zero Carbon – The Future Called… The Fork in the Road Shutdown Carbon Conversations 410.05 Mitigation, adaption… and suffering | Is there a choice? Water water everywhere and… nope. Yes, warmer still… 1.5 or 2 ? Take your pick! Consilience Elegy for the Arctic Cape Grim Flying Blind Hot, Hotter, Hottest… again Yes, the axis… What’s an…

The Future Called

In Energy Research & Social Science, John Wiseman  from the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute provides a visit from the future. From the abstract: Looking back from 2050, this article is written in the form of a fictional speech reflecting on the impressive progress made by 2050 towards achieving the global goal of zero net emissions. The speaker also highlights the severe and…

Volvo EV

The Volvo motor-car company confirmed in 2017 the strategic decoupling of their vehicles from the internal combustion engine, supplementing all vehicles from 2019 with electric motors. We are committed to electrification, so from 2019 all new Volvo car models will include an electric motor. [ Hakan Samuelsson - President & CEO ] It will launch five fully electric cars between…

Global temp Anomalies

Global #temperatures in 2017 among the hottest in recorded history. Climate links show US Government " Not Found"  #Shutdown Thank you and goodnight... https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cag/time-series/global/globe/land_ocean/12/12/1880-2017    

Coal and Wind

Two excellent discussions on the path to zero carbon. Radio National Science Show -  The path to Zero carbon The Earth has warmed by 1 degree. 2 degrees will bring with it awful consequences. Are we on track for getting the rise under control? Join Robyn Williams and a panel of energy experts at Brisbane’s World Science Festival. What you…

Keeling 1700

Perspective. My father would have been 102 years old on the 25th of April [Born 1916] The Scripps CO2 measurements at Mauna Loa showed 410.05 parts per million on that same day. 410.05 This is a threshold last experienced on earth many, many millions of years ago. Records show that more than 10 generations of my family up to about…

Mitigation, adaptation … and suffering. And climate change as a “clear and present danger to civilization.

Lonnie G. Thompson