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The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence is being staged in Melbourne this week. This is the main international gathering of researchers in AI. Held biennially in odd-numbered years since 1969, IJCAI is sponsored jointly by IJCAI and the national AI societie(s) of the host nation(s). The theme of this Year’s conference is Autonomy and AI and is intended to…


Urban Planning, but not as we know it.

AI Brain

Per dollar spent, computers have increased in power by a BILLION times in the last thirty years. In about 20 years, a $1000 dollars will buy a computer about a million times more powerful than one today, and in 25 years a BILLION times more powerful than one today. -Ray Kurzweil Links Nick Bostrom 2008 The Futurist - Timing the…


The ever-growing and increasingly invasive world of government-sponsored hacking. Home routers, TV's, fridges, Children's toys, cars, you name it, it's a target. Own or operate a WordPress site?  Good luck!  

iPhone Mosaic 10 Years

Innovation, creativity, productivity, ubiquity. Perhaps best defined by events that occurred ten years ago today. A single decade, a BILLION + units, 13 models, 395 sold every minute, 101 million users in the US alone, Still hard to fathom... Steve Jobs and Apple launched the iPhone on January 9th 2007. As Apple says: At Macworld 2007 in San Francisco, Steve…

Tipping points are not always obvious, this one may be. Two announcements this week, juxtaposed. Infrastructure Victoria's 30-Year Strategy and Google's move on renewable energy in 2017. Technology companies now account for about 2% of total Global Carbon emissions, that rivals the aviation industry. Let's not even consider the amount of fresh water they require, that's another article... Consider that…

I think that there’s a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation. I’m not sure what else one would do?

Elon Musk
John Podesta Emails

The MIT Media Lab Macro Connections group, has done some stella work on visualising network associations over their time. You should visit the Global Language Network or the Human Development Index Tree [2010] They build tools to transform data into stories. The Clinton Circle, maps emails from Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the DNC in the United States.. Certainly topical! The data…