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The #Motobot vs Rossi @ValeYellow46 Exponential development. Not yet, but soon.   Links Motobot 3 Motobot vs Rossi [ Yamaha Australia] Banning killer robots? Is that a thing?

Solar Generation

What a near-perfect day October the 10th was. A completely cloudless blue sky, almost no breeze and about 21-22 degrees celsius. Those conditions produce a wonderful "shape". My home generation produced over thirty kilowatt Hours [3okWh] yesterday. Clearly the next option has to be battery storage and more cells As Richard Thaler would agree, whilst not demonstrating the traits of homo-economicus it is most…

Hubble Var1

Consider the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge. Ninety-four years ago today, the modern universe "appeared" When my father was born in 1916, the world still maintained a Copernican understanding of our galaxy. In essence, the conventional wisdom was that the universe was made up of just one galaxy - our own Milky Way galaxy. By 1923, [virtually overnight, our entire…