A Handy Fusion Reactor

The phrase “Stranded Assets” will occupy many policy briefings over the weeks, months and years ahead. The Geo-political implications of current energy investment are increasingly main stream, if not fundamental policy vectors.

The early months of 2015 have seen significant momentum-shift in the market-drivers for genuine energy policy reform, if not profound/total re-think. Increasing evidence of large fund divestments here, here, here and here suggest this momentum is real. When the herd turns….

Then Elon Musk walks out on stage and suggests in a humble twenty minute presentation, that

1. The Keeling Curve needs to be changed. [i.e Humanity’s future – 403.39 Today!]

2. He notes we have access to the means to do this with a “handy fusion reactor in the sky

3. He proposes to commodify the capture and reuse of sunlight by inventing a new technology.

4.  He hopes others will do the same by providing access to the technology [Open Source]

Spend the eighteen minutes it takes to watch Elon Musk and then play a little mind-game called, “if I’m the government, what do I do now?”

Tesla Powerwall




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