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David Grayson
[David Grayson]
The CRLLEN participated in an interesting, thought provoking and valuable forum session today, staged by the Victorian Office of Learning and Teaching, with guest David Grayson, CBE.

The forum explored the relationships between schools and business with a focus on corporate social responsibility.

David is part-time director of Business in the Community (BITC) which is the largest and one of the oldest business-led coalitions promoting responsible business anywhere in the world.  David shared 25 years of experience with BITC and the lessons learnt.

He provided insights on what has been achieved for education and provided some constructive insights for Victorian education and businesses wishing to embark on similar initiatives.

Based in the United Kingdom, David Grayson is an expert in the trends of corporate philanthropy.  He spends much of his time speaking, writing and advising on business, entrepreneurialism and social trends for businesses, media outlets and business schools around the world.  The Financial Times described him as: “one of the UK’s most respected voices on business social responsibility.”

David has worked with many leading global businesses including BP, Shell and Microsoft and with international institutions such as the European Union and the World Bank.

For most of his career David has been a social entrepreneur, starting and/or running a number of public-private-community partnerships.  He is a former Joint Managing-Director of Business in the Community and currently serves as part-time Director.  In addition, he focuses on small businesses as founder chairman of the UK Small Business Consortium.

David is the Director of The Prince of Wales Award for Innovation and a contributing editor to The Corporate Citizenship Briefing.  He has Masters Degrees from the universities of Cambridge and Brussels, an MBA from Newcastle; and an honorary doctorate of laws from London SouthBank University.

David shared a range of insights and experiences with the approximately 60 strong audience. Of particular interest to this participant, [among many things] was the “Teach First” initiative. Teach First attracts, selects, trains, places and supports top graduates to work in challenging schools and also for leading employers. Teach First and its partners deliver outstanding teacher and leadership training, internships, coaching and networking to develop its people while achieving its mission.

David’s books include “Corporate Social Opportunity: Seven Steps to make Corporate Social Responsibility work for your business,” and “Everybody’s Business — Managing Risks and Opportunities in today’s global society.”

Also presenting at the forum was Leah Sertori, well known to CRLLEN members as one of the presenters at our 2005 Business-Industry Forum, who shared insights in to the Castlemaine based Enterprise Teachers for the 21st Century project.

Leah is currently with Melbourne Cares. Melbourne Cares aims to enable business, communities and government to work together to sustainably improve the quality of life for the people of Melbourne and in particular for those in most need. Through the vision of Committee for Melbourne and by working in partnership with Business in the Community in the UK, a relationship catalysed by Pilotlight Australia, 21 companies have come together to establish Melbourne Cares as a pilot for Australia.

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