Young People have their say to Parliament!.

Parliament of VictoriaThe Rural and Regional Services and Development Committee are specifically interested in hearing from younger Victorians about their views on living in rural towns and communities.

The Central Ranges LLEN will be making a submission to the Committee next week in Alexandra.

If you have a personal story to tell, and ideas about what the State Government can do to improve the opportunities of young Victorians in rural towns and communities, the Committee would like to hear your views on topics like:

  • Did you grow up in rural Victoria?
  • Did you leave for work or study purposes?
  • Are you planning to leave or return to country Victoria?
  • What would influence your return to the country?
  • What’s the best thing about country life?
  • What would you change about country life?
  • Who do you talk to about rural living?

You can:

  1. Make a formal submission and send it to the committee or
  2. Send a submission online using the form attached to this link to share your thoughts and ideas.

It will only take a few minutes!

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