“The New Creative” Learner. (via BoingBoing)

London’s Ravensbourne College is creating a new program called the School of Computing for the Creative Industries. The whole of the coursewear is Creative Commons licensed and the school itself is organized via a wiki.

I love this description (pronoun disagreements aside) on the school site of what they define as “The New Creative”:

The learner-practitioner is the heart and life-blood of the School. We recognise that the creative professional of the future – the new creative – has a distinctive skill-set and an easy relationship with technology. The new creative is a connected citizen, whose passions and campaigns, ideas and innovations appear first on their blog. The new creative uses the internet as an inspirational resource, drawing on that vast, interconnected meme-pool, but returning far more to it than s/he ever withdraws. Fundamentally, the new creative understands that s/he is defined by the impact and credibility of their online presence.

Think of this in a learning context. Learners whose passions and ideas appear first on their blogs, who use the Web as an inspirational resource, and who contribute more than they take. And that they are defined to some extent by the credibility of their online presence. That fits in my own experience, and, I would guess, it fits for many learner/bloggers.
[Source: Weblogg-ed News] [Bill: Online and E-Learning]

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