Daily Archives September 8, 2006

Embedding Plagiarism Education in the Assessment Process. Lessons on paraphrasing and citing sources can only be partially effective if they are not perceived as immediately relevant to the individual student. The authors used electronic plagiarism detection tools to help students understand correct academic practice in using source material. [Recents Items]

On Education: It Takes More Than Schools to Close Achievement Gap. What if the impediments to learning run so deep that they cannot be addressed by any particular kind of school or any set of in-school reforms? By DIANA JEAN SCHEMO. [NYT > Education]

"The New Creative" Learner. (via BoingBoing) London's Ravensbourne College is creating a new program called the School of Computing for the Creative Industries. The whole of the coursewear is Creative Commons licensed and the school itself is organized via a wiki. I love this description (pronoun disagreements aside) on the school site of what they define as "The New Creative":…