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Teaching and learning with Apple computers. This is a guide to teaching using Apple Macs. Users will find hardware and software guides as well as learning resources, a glossary of IT terminology and a guide to organisations. The software is open source, where possible. [Recent Items]

Subatomic Inferno Under the Alps. The world's most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, takes delivery of its last superconducting main magnet, and Wired News gets an exclusive underground tour. John Borland reports from Geneva. Nov 30, 2006 | 2:00 AM   The world's biggest collider hopes to create a smorgasbord of exotic particles, from the so-called God particle…

Australia Balks at Bids by Equity Firms. A flurry of foreign bids for Australian companies has touched a nationalistic nerve and drawn calls for a more protectionist government stance. By TIM JOHNSTON. [NYT > Business]

Richard Teese: THE principals of MacRobertson Girls' School and Melbourne High School have mounted a remarkable defence of their schools as historical champions of meritocratic equity ("Select schools benefit all state students", Opinion, 27/11). Not that that was the point they should have addressed. Which was why have more. But alas, how history deserts those unfaithful to it, who present…

TWO private schools that compete for students in Melbourne's outer south-east are having merger talks. Toorak College and The Peninsula School have announced a feasibility study into the benefits of merging the two Mornington Peninsula schools. The talks could lead to a merger by 2008. It is true that we have some significant differences