The problems and challenges of education for gifted students in the Asia-Pacific region are to be discussed at a conference that begins today in Taipei.
The Ninth Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness is being held until Friday in Taipei along with the Children and Youth Creativity Olympia Camp. More than 600 people from 28 different countries and 278 youths from eight countries in the region will take part.
Yesterday, during a press briefing by the organizer of this year’s conference, National Taiwan Normal University, Kuo Ching-chih (???), the director of the university’s Special Education Center, said that the event’s theme this year was youth, equality and diversity, and encouraging creativity for youth campers.
Howard Gardner, a Harvard University education professor, said during the briefing that the notion of “gifted” should be disaggregated, because instead of a single type of giftedness, some children may be talented in many areas while others may be a prodigy in only one.

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