Daily Archives December 7, 2005

Indigenous health still a major problem: report. A report on disadvantage in Indigenous communities in Australia has found there have been improvements in some areas since 1994, but there are still big problem areas, especially when it comes to health. [ABC News: Top Stories]

Multiple Intelligences and Minds for the Future. Podcast (in MP3 format) of a presentation on multiple human intelligences by Dr Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, to the Central Ranges Local Learning and Employment Network 2005 AGM and Industry Forum. [Recent Items]

With Sierra Club's Help, Ford Pushes a New Hybrid. The Sierra Club, long a a nemesis of Detroit automakers, is teaming up with Ford to promote the company's second hybrid vehicle. By DANNY HAKIM. [NYT > Business]

Salon puts it so well: "Whatever becomes of the grand jury proceedings, this much is clear: Rove revealed the identity of a CIA agent for the president's political gain." And if you're a bleeding-heart conservative pussy apologist for the right wing, you've got a lot of explaining to do if you don't also call for Rove's head. Treason is a…