Shane Green from the Age writes:

A new definition of public education may allow non-government schools to operate as public schools.

Private schools would be invited into a new-look, broader public education system, under a radical plan being discussed by Victoria’s education community.

The independent Education Foundation has produced a paper proposing a new definition of public education, allowing non-government schools to operate as public schools.

The foundation said its plan had been motivated by the gap between higher-performing and lower-performing students in all school sectors.

The move would also bridge the divide between government schools and private schools in Australia.

The divide has widened in recent years because of the drift in enrolments towards private schools. Projections have put the number of students in private schools at more than one-third by 2010. At senior secondary levels, more than 40 per cent of students attend private schools.


Link: Bid to help private schools go public.

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