Learning in an online world: the school education action plan for the information economy Progress report 2004 was published by Ministerial Council for Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA).

This progress report provides a national overview and a summary of key achievements in the development of infrastructure in each jurisdiction and highlights progress in the key action areas of People. The people element is crucial. Students need to be able to enhance their learning by fully exploiting the potential offered by technology resources. They also need to develop the employment related skills for working in a world where ICT is increasingly pervasive. Teachers need to develop a range of ICT competencies and also need to be able to extend their teaching practices in ways that take advantage of ICT tools and resources. Similarly, educational leaders must have the skills and understandings for planning and leading the use of ICT in their schools.

Link: Learning in an Online World: Progress Report 2004.

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