LAKEWOOD RANCH – Standing in front of the room and lecturing to students just may not cut it anymore – at least that’s what Howard Gardner has been lecturing about throughout the world for more than 20 years.
Gardner, a professor at Harvard University, wrote about his “Theory of Multiple Intelligence” in 1983, and has since written 20 books related to education. He will speak about his theory on Sept. 22 at the Out of Door Academy in Lakewood Ranch.
“Education is such a big thing in Florida,” said Beth Winkle, publisher of Family magazine, one of the sponsors of Gardner’s presentation. “We were very interested in bringing someone to the community that educators and parents could learn from. Everywhere I turned people were begging to hear from Howard Gardner.”
Kenneth Rometo, an education professor at Argosy University, is one who feels educators and parents can benefit from applying Gardner’s findings to their children.

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